Sync Issues in Outlook / Exchange 2010

Our environment:

All users are on Exchange 2010, using a mix of outlook 2003-2010, with cached mode.

Server infrastructure is 4 CAS/HUB servers, and 4 mailbox server’s with a DAG.

We have decommissioned all our existing exchange 2003 servers, bar one.

So we are running in mixed mode exchange 2010, exchange 2003, purely because we need to have one exchange 2003 server on as a workaround for an organizational forms issue with Exchange 2010(see details below).

Naturally this server is just wasting power, and provides unnecessary overhead, regarding patching etc., so we would like to get rid of it however without it clients get the error below.

i.e. when we make an exchange 2010 server the replica for the organizational forms.

Sync Issues in Exchange / Outlook

You receive an error message when you try to synchronize your offline folder file if the Organizational Forms Library on your Exchange computer has been re-created or cannot be located

8:15:49 Synchronizing Forms

8:15:49 Downloading from server ‘XXXXXXXXX’

8:15:49 Error synchronizing folder

8:15:49                   [80004005-501-4B9-560]

8:15:49                   The client operation failed.

8:15:49                   Microsoft Exchange Information Store

8:15:49                   For more information on this failure, click the URL below:


It appears to be a known bug, with a fix supposedly due in exchange 2010 SP1, but we are past that and still no news..

Some suggestions by MVP’s etc to just tell users to just ignore the sync issue is not an option for us, as it would still cause a lot of user confusion and calls to our internal helpdesk.

Some more references to the problem from other people:

And this link however I don’t have access to the post

Some more detials on the issue:

  • We see the problem in all versions of outlook(2k3 to 2010)
  • All our 2010 exchange servers are running Sp1 Update rollup 3v3, we have held off going to roll up 4 due to the many issues experienced with rollup 3, and the bugs that were introduced in 4.
  • The DAG is across a dark fibre link connecting our Prod Datacentre to our DR Datacentre.
  • We have a separate storage team who have run diagnostics and say the physical disk infrastructure is fine. It is running on IBM XIV

We have had no solutions from Microsoft thus far on this issue, so anyone that has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

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